Martin Audio F2

"In onze zoektocht naar een bijzonder kwalitatief hoogstaand geluidsysteem, kwamen wij al snel uit bij Martin Audio F2. Hoorn geladen, kristal helder geluid, hoog volume output, weinig vervorming en perfecte spreiding, zijn voor ons de eigenschappen waardoor wij trotse bezitters van een groot Martin Audio F2 geluidssyteem zijn."


Time Line
Produced from the late 80's till mid 90's
Noticeable gigs
Sade tour, Rock Werchter, Pinkpop, Lowlands
Our Stock
8x F2R Combi Tops (medium throw), 4x F2R Long throw Tops (2 sets) 10x F2B Bass Horns
Our Scalability
250 - 5000 pax

"The F2 owes its origins to Martin Audio horn loaded modular (or component) systems. These systems perform best when deployed in homogeneous close coupled vertical columns of bass, mid and high modules. Columns used for medium and long throw are supplemented by full range "stacks" for closer coverage."

F2B Bass Horn

"This high efficiency bass horn features extremly compact dimensions. It is configured as a "mirror image" hyperbolic horn with dual 15 inch drivers. Derived from the earlier "215 MKIII" bass horn. it is 6 inch shorter, and is up to 1.5 dB more efficient between 60-90hz. Driver and horn parameters have been empirically tuned as a system, resulting in excellent transient performance and "punch" essential for a flown bass horn."

F2B Bass Horn

"A bass horn, unlike all other bass enclosures, couples all of its frontal area to the air load. Compard to other types of bass enclosures arrays, bass horns have up to 6 dB efficiency gain and superior mid bass transient performance. Each F2B is rated at 1kW programme input. Small, compact arrays will generate immense acoustic power."